Plein Air Experiences


oceanMy most recent outdoor painting excursion was a visit to La Jolla Shores near the Marine Room with the San Diego Plein Air Painters Meetup. Saturday in the summer at La Jolla Shores, even at 8:45 am, will greet you with crowds and no parking. Walking south, I found a good spot with my friend, Julie Bennett. It provided a nice view of the La Jolla caves and some shoreline to paint in the  foreground. This place is a special spot for me because I often go there with my husband, Tom, to snorkel and swim to the caves. We see leopard sharks, sea turtles, rays, and once I saw an octopus! But on this day, it was to work and to paint. We checked the tide and saw that high tide was at 3:00pm. Great! Time to get a painting in. As I painted, the waves kept creeping closer and reached a point wher it encroached onto my tripod. I played the cat and mouse game for a while, running towards the cliff when  wave came in until on a moment of concentration, a wave came in and drenched my feet and backpack. Oh well. I moved my pack to a cliff and returned to the easel. At some point you just have to surrender and I finished my painting with my shoes immersed in the water. Mother Nature-1, Colleen-0. Although I have to admit, it did feel refreshing! 


Totally immersed and captivated by the beauty and diversity of your paintings. Thank you for putting them on a website so that we can enjoy them. Stunning works.

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